VPCIR ™ REEAD (Rolling Circle Enhance Enzyme Activity Detection) product line is focused on measurement of topoisomerase 1 (TOP1) activity.

They are assay kits for measurement of overall TOP1 activity (VPCIR ™ REEAD TOP1 activity) and will also include an assay capable of measuring the cleavage and ligation activity of TOP1 separately (VPCIR ™ REEAD C|L TOP1 activity).

These products may be used with various inputs recombinant type B TOP1 (e.g., human nuclear, human mitochondrial, monkeypox, malaria).

VPCIR ™ REEAD are used for:
  • Drug screening for TOP1 inhibitors in chemotherapy
  • Drug screening for TOP1 inhibitors for protozoal pathogens
  • Research in certain cancers
  • Research in certain chronic and infectious diseases
  • Tests for malaria (Plasmodium) and other protozoa, and for monkeypox

Value Proposition

Current gel-based method is technically sensible. The VPCIR ™ REEAD format provides more reproducible and dependable results.

Extremely rapid – 25 times higher thru-put than current alternative (gel-based) method

Little requirement of specialized training nor expensive laboratory equipment or reader.

User friendly, small laboratory footprint.

In pathogen testing the kits are ultra-rapid (point-of-care) and user-friendly – can be used in field station situations.

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