The patent pending VPCIR ™ EAD (Endonuclease Activity Detection) product line is focused on measurement of endonucleases from bacteria that may contaminate food, water and the environment.

The assembly of specific endonucleases in the bacteria provides a precise “fingerprint”. Moreover, the abundance of enzymes secures a high sensitivity, that is further enhanced by isothermal amplification.

Assay kits will include Listeria, Salmonella, E. coli, and Campylobacter, and multiplex versions.

The VPCIRTM EAD assay kits are functions with complex food, water, or environmental sample matrices.

The VPCIRTM EAD assay kits may also be used for rapid screening of clinical samples.

VPCIR ™ EAD are used for:
  • Rapid testing of food samples for presence of pathogenic bacteria
  • Rapid testing of water and environmental samples for faecal contamination and pathogenic bacteria
  • Rapid screening of clinical samples for pathogenic bacteria

Value Proposition

More rapid than current rapid DNA based rapid (PCR/qPCR) methods (owing to high sensitivity).

Price-competitive to the market leading solution – culture, that lasts up to 5 days to result.

No requirement of specialized training nor expensive laboratory equipment or reader,

User friendly, small laboratory footprint.

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