VPCIR™ Enzymes

In our internal R&D we identified several DNA modifying enzymes as “building blocks” integrated into our assay solutions we decided to produce ourselves. This internalization is about quality.

Maintaining the full respect of our own trusted biotechnological suppliers, we believe that for certain enzymes, VPCIR biosciences possess the know-how and technology to produce at a very high quality level, yet at market competitive prices.

To share such advancements with the scientific community, we supply these DNA-modifying enzymes to the market.

The VPCIR™ Enzymes products will include:

  • Topoisomerase 1
    • Human topoisomerase 1 (hTOP1)
    • Monkeypox virus topoisomerase 1 (mpvTOP1)
    • Human mitochondrial topoisomerase 1 (TOP1mt)
  • Phi29 polymerase
  • Cre
  • TAT-Cre


    • Founded on 25 years of research in expression and purification of DNA modifying enzymes
    • Consistent quality of both enzyme activity and purity ensures high predictability in experiments enhancing research quality and output
    • Comes as a practical kit ready for use including reaction and dilution buffers plus nucleases-free water
    • All enzymes are highly active and highly concentrated
    • The enzyme preparations are highly stable
    • Topoisomerase 1 is purified from yeast (S. cerevisiae)