Our Ethos

Beskriv vores formål og mission i stedet for at fokusere på USP'er



Our vision is to improve healthy lives with better diagnostic and obtainable health solutions.

25 years in the making, our technology makes us able to identify pathogens, bacteria, parasites, vira and amoeba in a cheap, fast and non-invasive manner. This means that we can help all people. No matter where they live. And at almost any budget.

This is key to us.

Our ethos is about being bold, fast, savvy and responsible to create an inclusive culture at VPCIR.

Formulated in unison, our ethos is the thread that must run through everything we do. We believe it empowers our people, it fosters a rewarding work place and promotes sustainable long-term value for VPCIR, our partners and patients.

We find ourselves blessed that we can contribute to the United Nations' development goals to end the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and neglected tropical diseases, and combat hepatitis, waterborne diseases and other infectious diseases.

We're a small team. But savvy.

Our team consists of believers. We believe that we can actually make a difference. For scientists. For people. For animals. We partner with companies and scientists that believe the same. 

We strive to increase our reach. Being able to improve lives on all continents is success to us.