The gene for human nuclear topoisomerase 1 can be expressed and the enzyme purified from various eukaryotic organisms. The purified enzyme obtained from different heterologous expression systems has been offered from different vendors for decades.  However, quality in terms of activity and purity varies considerably and are often not adequate for scientific investigations. 

The VPCIR biosciences team has 25 years of experiences with expression and purification of high-quality topoisomerase 1 and have often been requested to provide purified enzyme as part of scientific collaborations. Primarily due to the difficulties of obtaining commercially available topoisomerase 1 of sufficient high quality.

This has convinced us that there is a need for our high-quality human topoisomerase 1 in a commercially available form to support various scientific endeavors.

We are therefore happy to present our first product:

Highly active and concentrated human nuclear topoisomerase 1, purified from yeast S. cerevisiae and produced on the basis of 25 years experiences. Coming up soon: Easy-to-use kits for gel-free measurement of topoisomerase 1 activity suitable for analysis of crude cell extracts as well as of purified enzyme.

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