Milestones in the development of VPCIR

2010 – 2017

Step 1

Basic research Aarhus University (AU), Aarhus University Hospital and
Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) on restriction enzymes

Step 2

Proof of concept in testing for E. coli using restriction enzyme patterns

September 2017
February 2018

Step 3

Establishment of VPCIR.COM ApS

Step 4

Submission of VPCIR patent application by AU/CUHK

April 2018
October 2018

Step 5

Grant at DKK 1.5M
from Innovation Fund Denmark

Step 6

Development of first-generation assay (Listeria) commences

November 2018
December 2018

Step 7

Grant at DKK 0.9 M from Novo Nordisk Foundation

Step 8

Exclusive license agreement between VPCIR and AU/CUHK on use of patent

December 2018
December 2019

Step 9

Investment by a group of Danish business angels at DKK 1.7 M

Step 10

EU Commission grants Seal of Excellence to VPCIR

May 2019
December 2020

Step 11

The group of dedicated business angels, organized in VPCIR Invest ApS decides to increase their commitment and investment level in VPCIR

Step 12

VPCIR has successfully negotiated a €134.000 loan arrangement with the Danish Vaekstfonden

March 2021

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